The Business of Solar: 5 Myths on Making Solar Happen at Home and Work

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about going solar for your home or for your small business, and some of the information can be confusing. For those looking to take advantage of all the sunny Texas days we get in the Rio Grande Valley, here are 5 myths about solar energy that, in our experience, sometimes keep people from fully exploring the benefits of solar power energy systems.

  1. MYTH: Solar energy is a passing fad. I’ll just wait it out.

FACT: Solar energy is growing—and fast! The amount of available solar energy has gone up year after year, with big investments and increases coming in 2021. This isn’t just for homeowners, but businesses too are discovering the energy savings that can come from going solar. In fact the current federal solar tax credit (ITC) can get you a credit of up to 26% if your home or business installs solar in the next two years.

  • MYTH: Solar doesn’t work when the sun’s not out!

FACT: Your panels are always on and collecting light—but when it’s dark, there is certainly less light to be collected. But most solar energy systems are built with this in mind. Alongside your solar panels will be batteries that can store the clean solar energy generated during the day for you to use whenever you need. For businesses that rely mostly on power during the day, the need for batteries may be even less.

  • MYTH: Solar is expensive.

FACT: The cost of solar has gone down a lot since it was first brought to market. And with so many financing options available, you can end up paying less each month for solar than you do with traditional energy. And with tax incentives and rebates, it can be a big boost for your business and for reducing your energy bill at home.

  • MYTH: Solar panels bring down property values.

FACT: In today’s market, a property with solar is seen a big benefit. As more people look to be sustainable and lower their carbon footprint, homes with renewable energy already installed and ready to go are seeing a boost in value. You’ve added a self-sustaining renewable energy source that a new property owner could take full advantage of without having to deal with the installation process.

  • MYTH: If I have a big home or business, solar will cost me more.

FACT: The size of your installation doesn’t depend on the size of your roof, but rather on how much energy you use on average.  Not everyone needs or wants to maximize the energy-generating space. There are combination systems where only parts of the building or specific appliances are powered by solar, and the rest comes from the electric grid. How you do it is up to you!

But don’t forget the last misconception though—that just anyone can install solar panels! Only trust your job to an experienced, vetted professional in the McAllen area to help you get the most from your solar investment.

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