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Enough is Enough

We’ve all been there, maybe quite a few times. We call up a company, they give us a price, they ask for half up front. Then what happened?  Maybe you got your product installed and when it failed and called for support then what happened? Too many times we know the answer to all these and other scenarios.

And this, is why we exist. Not to be part of the problem here in the RGV, but to be part of the SOLUTION. To do things RIGHT. To be the CHANGE that’s needed. To BUILD the careers our community deserves. To CREATE that solid company any high performance team with great ethics deserves.  


-Frank Martinez, CEO

synergy solar rgv
This is who we are and why we do what we do.

With Over 25 Years of Combined Experience in Solar Energy, We’re the Local Firm You Can Trust .Synergy Solar RGV  is about being the first choice, local go-to firm that offers the best value in solar, delivering eco-friendly, renewable energy, with a premier service that delivers.

We’re here to provide our local community with an opportunity to help save the environment, and save money as an affordable alternative in the long-term on their electric costs.

When you ask Synergy Solar RGV to install your solar, you’re becoming part of our local family. We’re not about doing the job, then disappearing like others. Our very existence and reputation depend on providing our community with a service that matters. We’re not like other companies where you’re just a number. You’re joining a family of local people who are doing their bit to reduce atmospheric pollution, and creating a future.

Synergy Solar RGV was set up in May 2013 in McAllen TX, and is a part of LexineGroup. We’ve created partnerships with  experts in the solar industry that have over 25 years of dealing with solar systems, which means there are no solar solutions that we’ve never seen or come across in the solar energy field. 

Being local means:

  • You deal with people just like you
  • You speak directly to us, not a robotic telephone service
  • Local backup, which means we deal with you quickly if you have a problem
  • You meet the people who run the company, not some workmen hired by a national marketing or sales firm
  • And crucially, we give clients our time because we want to overdeliver, and we want happy clients to refer us to family and friends for the years to come


C’mon we’ve al heard this one. We’ve seen the companies around our area that put a bible verse in the logo, but at the end of the day you’re left with no end product scammed out of your time and money. 

Here at Synergy Solar RGV, theres one thing we are committed to. One thing that is within our DNA and something we push through our company culture, and that is Integrity. 


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