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The Backup Generator Alternative

Solar Backup Batteries are amazing, But one Stong Workhorse alternative, is its Cousin the Generator.

Simple & Easy to Use

LightsOut? No Problem, We install these bad boys and they automatically do their job when needed.

Important Circuits

In a power outage all your important circuits are covered.

The Options

Two main options depending in what area you live in. Natural Gas, or LP.

5 Year Warranty

Manufacturers offer 5 Year Warranty on all certified installations.

backup power

Best Solution for Your Home and Business

We've all been there, Hurricane Season, or Summer Rollouts. Having a backup generator helps you have backup power in a power outage. In case of an outage your Solar PV System Automatically Shuts off to prevent it from feeding energy into the grid. This is a safety future that protects line men working on the utility poles. Battery Backups are great, But Generators are cheaper.

Fuel Types

Liquid Propane (LP)

Natural Gas