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With out of area companies flooding the valley, we want to make sure you understand the benefit of choosing Synergy Solar RGV. We are not a multi level marketing company like others, we don't have that "close" mentality where you receive 200 calls a day, and we don't subcontract the installation.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Speak to Synergy Solar RGV First!

With Over 25 Years of Combined Experience in Solar Energy, we’re the Local Firm You Can Trust. Synergy Solar RGV is about being the first choice, local go-to firm that offers the best value in solar, delivering eco-friendly, renewable energy with a premier service that delivers.

All steps from sales to installation are managed in-house by our expert team. We NEVER use subcontractors who are there just to earn a buck. We have our own trusted staff, which ensures we deliver a service that’s second to none.

We grew up in the area and remain living in the Rio Grande Valley. You’re dealing with people who think like you, and understand you, which means they’ll be no misunderstandings. 

Because we’re local, if you have any problems with your solar system, we can be available to service your solar within 24 hours, and in some cases on the same day. Don’t forget, because we installed it, we know all about your system. We can get to your property quickly and can remedy any problem more efficiently than a contractor who is unfamiliar with your solar system.

Prime pricing ensured. You’re not dealing with some remote middleman who then subcontracts the work and just takes their cut of the pie. By dealing directly with us, you’re saving money and getting a guaranteed service from a local business that has been trading for a decade in the valley.

We have a reputation to uphold as a local business. This means we must also keep our finger on the pulse and delivering the most up to date and finest equipment in the solar industry.

We’re a small local company, and we pride ourselves on that. It means there is unity amongst our staff and a culture delivering the best service. We do this by employing staff who are happy in their work and promoting teamwork. And happy workers are people who go that extra mile for you.

When we install a solar system at your property, we want you to love it, and we want people to walk past your property with envy. We do this by providing impeccable attention to detail when installing the solar system at your home.

Safety is paramount when you’re dealing with electricity from a solar system. That’s why we guarantee expert safety recommendations with no haggling for unnecessary additions. There will NEVER be any surprises with Synergy Solar Systems. We’re about providing you with a safe, cost-effective solution to your solar energy needs.

Truthful and factual information. No empty promises or “make a deal” sales. We advise you of the best solar to meet your household needs and the cost of installation. The price is the price. No surprises, no trying to sell you extra products once you’re on board.

No matter where you live or the type of property you live in, we are always open to a challenge and will find a solar system solution to meet your needs. There is no project that is too complex or tedious for us; we will accomplish it…..guaranteed!

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