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Looking for reliable solar battery backup solutions? Synergy Solar RGV has got you covered. We provide comprehensive services to meet all your solar battery backup needs, from consultation and design to permits, installation, and commissioning. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your solar battery backup system is tailored to your specific requirements, and we’re committed to delivering excellent service every step of the way. When you choose Synergy Solar RGV, you can count on reliable, high-quality solutions that will keep your home powered even during blackouts. Contact us today to learn more.

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Critical loads

A solar battery backup system can be a game-changer for homeowners and businesses during a power outage. With a solar battery backup, you can keep your critical loads running, even when the grid goes down.

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Commonly Asked Questions

A solar backup battery is a battery that stores excess energy produced by solar panels for later use, such as during a power outage.

A solar backup battery works by storing energy generated by solar panels during the day, and then releasing that energy when it’s needed, such as during a power outage or at night.

The amount of time a solar backup battery can power your home depends on the capacity of the battery, the amount of energy your home uses, and the weather conditions. We can certainly help you asses your needs. 

It depends on the size and capacity of the battery, as well as your home’s energy usage. A larger battery can power more of your home’s energy needs, but it’s important to determine the appropriate size of the battery to avoid overloading it.

The cost of a solar backup battery can vary depending on the size, capacity, and brand of the battery. Prices typically range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes, it’s possible to add a solar backup battery to an existing solar panel system. However, you’ll need to ensure that the system is designed to work with the battery and that the battery’s capacity is sufficient to meet your energy needs.

The lifespan of a solar backup battery can vary depending on the quality and usage of the battery. Most batteries have a lifespan of 10-15 years and may need to be replaced after that time.

Maintaining your solar backup battery typically involves regular cleaning and inspection to ensure that it’s operating properly. With todays technology, the end user and installer get alerts if service is needed.

It depends on your specific energy needs and goals. A solar backup battery can provide peace of mind during power outages and can help you reduce your reliance on the grid. However, it’s important to evaluate the costs and benefits to determine if it’s the right solution for you.

In some cases, you may be eligible for tax credits or other incentives for installing a solar backup battery. Synergy Solar RGV can help check what incentives are available for you. 

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Trust Synergy Solar RGV for your solar backup battery needs

At Synergy Solar RGV, we offer expert solar battery backup services to help you stay powered during emergencies. Our team can help you design a customized solar battery backup system, obtain necessary permits, and install your system quickly and efficiently.

Stay Powered

A solar backup battery can provide reliable power to the critical loads that matter most during emergencies, such as medical equipment, refrigerators, and lighting.

Think Ahead

If your current solar setup cannot be upgraded with a solar backup battery, Synergy Solar RGV can help you update your existing system to accommodate a solar backup battery.

Our Process

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Design & Analysis

We design your system and run a daylight and shading analysis.

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Engineering & Permits

We submit your blueprints and permit sets to city or county for approval.

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Once permits are approved we are ready to schedule your installation!

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